Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master

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Although I don’t give private readings anymore, I have personally trained these tarot readers and have seen their stellar work! These amazing tarot readers are all graduates of my flagship tarot reading programme, Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master.

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Keri Danielle

Keri Danielle is my name by birth. My soul name is Danielle Souls. I am an intuitive tarot reader, clairvoyant and owner of Soul Sincerity. I am an Approved Tarot Master, through Mamta's online course. I am continually developing my gifts and gaining more knowledge everyday to better help you. My main goal always is to bring awareness and healing through love, and teaching others how to open up to their own spiritual path.   

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My business name is Ashtrologher but I go by Ash; I am a professional Tarot Reader and Astrologer. Since I can remember, I have always been drawn to the occult and use of divination tools, but I had repressed a lot of my gifts due to societal pressures and normalcy. As I continue on my Spiritual Journey, I have learned to trust in my heightened intuitive/psychic light worker abilities. I truly believe in Divine Timing and that everything is not set in stone! Therefore, if you set your intentions and follow through with the advice/ guidance your Higher Power provides you, I believe you can manifest all things for your greatest good!

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Hi, I am Angele, an intuitive tarot reader, empath and owner of The Hollow Apothecary from New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been drawn to the magic of tarot cards and psychic abilities for as long as I can remember. My grandmother used to tell me stories of how she would “tell fortunes” using cards and could speak with Spirit. This began my lifelong path of learning to develop my own intuition and psychic abilities. Within the last two years, I have experienced a psychic awakening and now wish to help others connect with Spirit.