Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master

5 Strategies to Tell the story of Your Spread

with Mamta Roos

Tell the story of your spread and confidently interpret every reading!


This course is transformational! Don't just take it from me, take it from my students

Angele Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master Student
Before I took this course, I felt I had no real confidence in my interpretations. Now I feel AMAZING! Mamta's instructional style really spoke to me. She is so easy to understand and takes her time breaking down each step so that you completely understand not only how to apply, but WHY. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to understand beyond just looking up each card in a book. AWESOME JOB!
Ashleé Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master Student
I previously felt a little uneasy and thought I had to memorize the meanings for every card and failed miserably. I now feel more confident in my readings! Taking this course helped me understand how to give a full complete reading. Thanks to the this course I was able to give a reading with confidence to someone I didn’t know anything about. Thank you so much for this opportunity! You have greatly helped me learn and understand tarot cards and how to trust my intuition when reading tarot!
Keri Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master Student
Before taking the course I felt overwhelmed and unsure if I could learn everything and the meanings of the cards. The course has helped me realise that there is a lot to learn about tarot cards. It is more than just remembering the meanings of the cards. You look at the imagery. The number meanings, color meaning and so much more. The materials are wonderful and very well laid out. It really helps you become more comfortable with the cards and learn to see them in a different way. It's also nice to be able to download the lesson notes so you can read them as well. I loved the course!
Lisa Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master Student
I had already completed a tarot course before enrolling but I wanted a different perspective on tarot and to go deeper. I'm feeling more confident now. Mamta is an excellent teacher. She provides valuable resources and materials and makes things easy to understand. She is extremely responsive if you have any questions.
Elena Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master Student
I used to feel like I was very much a newbie when it came to tarot reading. I didn't feel like I had a clear direction on how to grow my skills. After taking this course, I feel a LOT more confident about it. I feel more comfortable and assured in using my intuition in readings. I have a lot more tools now to be able to do more complete readings.
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