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Struggling to go beyond individual card meanings and understand the big picture? Download my Tarot Master Starter Kit to learn how to masterfully weave the narrative and turn your reading into a unique story!

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BIG THANK YOU to Mamta for creating your amazing website Soul Truth Gateway! Your insightful words come from your own Truth and your own experiences and your blog posts are so authentic! I appreciate the time you put into sharing your knowledge, creating unique spiritual guides, cheat sheets and courses. I connect with your life story so much and your work truly touches my heart. Happy to know you and keep up your great work on your ascension mission!!
— Nikki

Stuck doing generic, cookie-cutter, readings?

If you're stuck trying to go beyond basic keywords and spreads, or you've tried to see the bigger picture but can't fathom how to do it, I totally understand! If you're tired and fed-up with doing vague and generic readings that could literally apply to anyone, you're not alone!

You want to be able to create unique and personalised readings chock full of detailed info. You want to effortlessly tell the story and communicate the greater message of your reading, without all the stress! You want more mind-blowingly accurate and less generic horoscope type readings!

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So that is why I've put together this Tarot Master Starter Kit, so you have all the tools you need to do exactly that! The kit contains:

  • Readings Checklist: Follow my exact step-by-step process to deliver richly detailed readings that will blow people away!
  • Readings Record Template: Use my ready-to-use template to keep a record of all the readings you do and help you gather your thoughts!
  • Tarot Reader Toolkit: A list of all the tools I consider essential to have on hand when doing a reading.
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Learn how to read tarot like a pro!

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Hi! I'm Mamta, intuitive tarot reader and psychic medium. I use my natural gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, as well as the ancient wisdom within the tarot, to act as the bridge between this world and Spirit.

I have been familiar with the tarot for over 10 years and have been intensively working with it for my own spiritual guidance for the past 5 years. During this time, I completely immersed myself in everything to do with tarot and also worked as a professional tarot reader.

I received intensive mentorship in intuitive tarot reading and psychic development from a local psychic tarot reader with over 10 years of experience, who herself was trained by Lynette Anne Jennings. I'm also a certified medium, trained by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.

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For a number of years I ignored my intuition and sought to do everything exactly the way society told me. Masters degree? Check. High paying job? Check. I had financial security but not one whit of authenticity. I was out of alignment with my soul's truth and I felt so completely lost.

Until learned to read tarot intuitively, communicate with my guides, and see hidden connections between the cards to get the message Spirit wanted me to know. I started meditating and immersed myself completely in learning tarot. Just like that tarot became the friend that never lies and opened a doorway to my own inner wisdom. 

Now, I have this amazing sense of certainty that comes with having a trusted source of guidance that never fails me! I can use my cards to decipher the unique message coming through from the universe and get bang-on specific insights.

Through this process I discovered my life purpose: to help you achieve the same!

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